500 Words per Hour | May 2019 | American Airlines # 2816

Blue car in front of mural

Cuba ! It’s both the closest and furthest country for Americans. One of five remaining communist states, Cuba’s economic and social philosophy reveals paradoxical similarities to the US. For example, architectural gems crumble daily in Havana for lack of maintenance resources, while in New York they’re routinely demolished from an abundance of resources. Itineraries are useless in Cuba where people, places, and happenings present themselves in mercurial fashion, all but forcing one to be in the moment and open to possibilities and unexpected joys. By far, Cuba’s greatest resource is its people. Cubans are educated, respectful, and passionate with an inspiring fortitude in the face of adversity, due in large part to the US embargo.

The two countries are extremes that almost form a perfect circle—save for a 90-mile gap. Anda!

Old and young
Boy at water fountain
Elderly couple
Children on car
Handsome man close-up